General Questions
Smart Gift List is an application for making online gift lists. These gifts lists can then be shared with family and friends who can reserve and purchase gifts from your list directly from Amazon so that you can unwanted and duplicate gifts.

Smart Gift List was formerly known as Smart Christmas List where we specialized in helping users create online Christmas lists. Since our users loved using it for their Christmas lists so much, we decided to redesign the whole site, generalizing it so that it can be used year around for all holidays and birthdays too.
We have all had the unfortunate experience of unwrapping a gift only to find something that we either really didn't want or already have. Smart Gift List aims to make sure you never have to go through that experience again.

Some of the benefits of using our service include:
  • Making as many online gift lists as you want, including gift lists for your kids!
  • Finding gifts from Amazon to add to your gift lists
  • Sharing your gift lists on Facebook, Twitter, and by E-mail
  • Only allowing access to your wish lists by people you approve of
  • Reserving gifts on family and friends' online gifts lists that you want to buy for them
  • Purchasing your reserved gifts directly from Amazon
  • Finally getting what you want without ruining the surprise!
Absolutely. While we generally get the most traffic around Christmas time, Smart Gift List is great for birthdays, holidays, any other occasion you can think of. You can even set up a gift list just as a general wish list if you'd like.
You can find people that are currently members of Smart Gift List by doing a search from the Find a User page. You can search for users by their name, which will return similar matches, or by email, which for search for an exact match.
Yes! Everything on our site is 100% free of charge.
Great! We're always looking for ways to improve. Please tell us your awesome idea via the Contact page.
Gift Lists
You can create as many gift lists online as you want, including wish lists for yourself, your children, and anyone else you can think of. Simply log in and click the "Create a New Gift List" button to start creating one.
Start by logging in at Smart Gift List and clicking the "Create a New Gift List" button or just go to When filling out the form, uncheck the box that asks "Is this gift list for you?" and enter the name of the person the list is for in the next box.
Sure, just go your list page by clicking the "View List" button on it from your home page and then click the "Settings" button. From here you can change the name of the list, the occasion date, and even who the list is for.
A list can be deleted from the List Settings page, which can be accessed from the "Settings" button on the list page. At the bottom of the page, click the "Destroy list" link to delete your list forever. Please note that this action is permanent and cannot be reversed.

Also, it's possible that someone may have already purchased some of the gifts on your list so you may want to contact the people who have access to your list and let them know.
Having an online wish list is not much good if you don't share it with friends and family. Therefore, we made it easy to get your list in the hands of people who want it most.

From your list page, there is a blue " Share" button. Clicking this button brings up a dialog which allows you to share your list on Facebook, Twitter, or by e-mail.
From your wish list page, click on the "Add a Gift" button. This brings up a dialog which allows you to add a gift from Amazon or add a gift manually.

Adding a gift from Amazon allows you search and browse through Amazon products and add a product directly from Amazon onto your list while adding an item manually allows you to enter the title, price, and link of an item yourself (better if the item is not available on Amazon).
Gifts and Amazon
Have you ever thought of the perfect gift idea for someone and wanted to make sure nobody else bought it for them before you? Or maybe someone even asked for something and you wanted to be the one to buy it for them?

Reserving gifts on Smart Gift List allows you to do that. When you reserve a gift on someone's list, it lets everyone else know (except the list owner) that you are planning on purchasing that item for the list owner so that nobody else should buy it for them. It is, of course, your responsibility to follow through on that reservation or drop it so that someone else can purchase it for them.
Currently we have gift reservations lasting 2 weeks although this is subject to change at any time. We felt this is a good amount of time to purchase the gift before letting the reservation expire and letting somebody else reserve the gift.

Our priority is making sure the list owner gets the gifts that they want.
Nope, that would spoil all of the surprise, now wouldn't it?

All of the wish list followers can see who has reserved or purchased gifts but the list owner cannot see any of this information.
No, once you go to Amazon or some other website to purchase a product, we have no way of confirming that you actually followed through on that purchase.

Therefore, after you purchase a gift for someone, be sure to come back to the gift wish list and mark those gifts as purchased. If you don't, your reservation will eventually expire, and someone else may reserve and purchase the same gift for the list owner.
Sorry! I guess you missed the boat and should have reserved the gift sooner.

You can try contacting the person who reserved the gift and tell them you really want to get it for the list owner and see if they will drop their reservation. Otherwise, I would recommend reserving the next best item on their list before someone reserves that one too.
The easiest way to purchase the products that you have reserved on the wish lists of family and friends is to visit your Shopping Cart. Your Shopping Cart shows all of the gifts you have reserved on any gift list in one place and allows you to purchase them all at once.

You can click the "Buy All Amazon Items" button to purchase all of your reserved items that are available on Amazon all at once. For items that are not available on Amazon, you can purchase them by visiting their link next to the gift name.

Don't forget to mark items as "Purchased" after you buy them!
We cannot guarantee it. When you search for products on Amazon, we only allow you to add products to your online gift list that are currently available on Amazon. However, once you add an Amazon product to your list, we do not periodically check to make sure it remains available.

We do not believe this will occur frequently and list followers can just let the list owner know if a product on their list is no longer available on Amazon.
When a gift is added to a list, we grab the price of that product from Amazon using the Amazon offer price. We do not include the third party seller new or used prices.

However, if the price changes after the gift has been added to the list, that new price will not be reflected on Smart Gift List. The gift purchaser will see the new gift price when they go to purchase the gift on Amazon from their shopping cart.
Please let us know via the Contact page. The Amazon API that we use to interface with their products is complex and if you come across something that isn't quite right, please let us know so we can correct it.
Sharing and Access
Having an online gift list isn't going to do much good if you don't get your family and friends to see it and use it. Therefore, we made sharing simple.

Just go to your list page and click the Share button. It gives you the ability to share on Facebook, Twitter, and by email.

Sharing on Facebook and Twitter will publish a link to your gift list where friends and family can sign up and request access to your wish list. However, sharing your gift list by email sends a personal invite to those people and when they sign up at Smart Gift List, they will automatically have access to your list.
Only list followers can see the products on your list. List followers are people that you have either invited to your list by email or that you have explicitly granted access to it after they requested it.
We wanted to make it so that anyone who can see and use your online wish list has the ability to reserve and purchase gifts from it too and to be able to do that, we needed to require everyone to have an account.

However, signing up is simple and new users can even just log in with Facebook for convenience.
Absolutely, in fact, that is the preferred way to share a gift list. If that email address is already a user on Smart Gift List, we will grant that user access immediately and notify them. If that email address does not have an account with us, we'll send them an invitation for your gift list and when they create an account, they'll have access to the list right away.
To get access to someone's gift list, you need to request access to it. Just visit their list and click the button to Request Access to it. This will send an email to that list owner notifying them that you want to see their gift list so you can reserve gifts from it and they can approve or deny your request.
Of course you can! Just click the Share button on your list page and click the Share on Facebook or Twitter buttons. We even pre-populated a message and tweet for you to tell your friends about your online gift list.
Groups are a way of putting together groups of commonly related people so that sharing multiple lists can be made easier. For example, if you had a Birthday and a Christmas Gift List and wanted to share them both with all of your family members, rather than having to share each one with each family member individually, you can create a "Family" group, add your family members to it, and then share each list with that group.
Log in to Smart Gift List and from the Account menu, select "My Groups". From there, you can create new groups and add or remove members from those groups.
From your online gift list page, select the "Share" button and you will see an option to share with your groups. Click a group name and every member of the group will be given access to that list. They will also receive an email notifying them that they have been granted access to your list so they can go check it out.
Yes. Let's say you grant access to a group, say your "Friends" group, to one of your gift lists. Each of it's members get access to that gift list. Then the next day, you add a new user to your "Friends" group. That new user will automatically get access to the gift list without having to share it with the group again.
When adding users to a group from the "My Groups" page, you can search by name or email address. The search will only be valid once you enter at least 3 characters. We'll then return a list of possible results that you can choose from to add to your group.
Followed Gift Lists and Shopping Cart
Followed lists are gift lists that you currently have access to. You can see, reserve, and mark as purchased gifts that on your "followed lists."
If you know of a friend or family member that is on Smart Gift List and you want to find their list, you can search for them from the Search page. You can search by name and/or email address.
Your shopping cart contains all of the items that you have reserved on your followed lists. Once you have reserved a gift on someone's gift list, you are expected to purchase that gift so we put it into your Shopping Cart.

If you do not plan on buying a gift for someone that is currently in your Shopping Cart, you should drop your reservation on it so that somebody else can reserve it. Otherwise, the list owner may end up not receiving that gift.
When adding gifts to your list, we offer the option to search for products on Amazon or to add products manually with a title, price, and a link. If you reserve a gift on someone's list that was not an Amazon item but was added manually, we cannot necessarily map that to a product on Amazon.

Therefore, in your shopping cart, there is a button to "Buy All Amazon Items" which will take you to Amazon and automatically add all of the Amazon-eligible items in your Smart Gift List shopping cart to your Amazon shopping cart for checkout.
Each manually added item should have a link next to the product name where you can purchase the item.

If it does not, then the list owner did not enter a link where you can buy the product and it's a total mystery! You'll have to just either search online or contact the list owner and ask them where to find it.